Here's How the Program Works
  • Sign up online or in person.
  • Print out a log—you can do this at home or pick one up in the library.

  • Start reading and logging your books. You can submit your log beginning Monday June 25th.
  • The first time you bring your log to the library (see below for times and days) you will receive a chain and a “brag tag.”
  • Then you will choose one bead for every picture book, Easy Reader or 50 pages of longer works that you’ve recorded.

  • For every ten beads, you will choose another brag tag.

  • Wear your chain or attach it to your backpack to display your reading prowess!

Days & Times to Log Books
Our “Rock Star” volunteers will be available to help with reporting your books.
Monday           11 am-1 pm  and 6 pm-8 pm
Tuesday          1 pm- 3 pm and 6 pm- 8 pm
Wednesday    1 pm- 3 pm and 6 pm- 8 pm
Thursday       1 pm- 3 pm
Friday              2 pm- 4 pm
Saturday         2 pm- 4 pm

Fun Activities
Look for games, contests and chances to win prizes.
Libraries Rock Challenge 

Program Events   
List of Programs 
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